Bathroom makeover

5 EASY TIPS for a cozy bathroom

Many bathrooms – especially those in apartments – are often small spaces. They do not have windows with daylight, they lack storage space and they often end up as rooms where you do not want to spend more time than absolutely necessary.


That is sad, because with small and cheap makeovers you can easily turn your bathroom into a vibrant place with room for wellness.


If your bathroom is small, my best advice is to keep the visual expression simple. Pick a few, cozy things that matter to you and let them appear in the room. Then try following these 5 tips:



1. Tidy up and stow away!

If you do not have enough space in the bathroom maybe you can find storage in another room? Towels, extra soap and all the hair products you rarely use can be removed.


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These advices may seem rather elementary, and so they are ... but we often forget them in a busy day.

2. Decorate the walls!

An easy way to decorate your bathroom is to stick beautiful motifs on the tiles. Tile stickers are absolutely ingenious here, as you can easily give the room a new and personal look without having to mess with paint.

As they are water and cleaning resistant, they are perfect in wet rooms and they also do not leave traces on the surface if you remove them again.

3. Create light!

Add candles that give a cozy atmosphere. They also look nice when not lid. Alternatively, you can use electrical candles as the air can quickly become heavy in a small room. A battery-driven light chain can also create the cozy lights.

If you have an extra socket in the room, you can attach a small clamp lamp to a shelf and create light in the dark corners.

4. Find nice containers!

Buy a nice soap dish and a pretty ceramic mug for your toothbrushes. Things that are always in front in the bathroom might just as well be nice to look at in order to not become daily annoyances.

5. Use more plants!

Add plants or flowers as it brings life to your bathroom. And they do not have to be placed on the floor or on a shelf. There are many fine suspensions for plants, either for the wall or for mounting in the ceiling. For optimal use of the space in the room.


What do you need for your bathroom makeover?

In this little bathroom inspirational guide, I have used transparent tile stickers, ie. tile decoration printed on a transparent foil. They are perfect for white tiles, where the background can shine through.


Another option could be to decorate the blue tiles in the bathroom with full-coverage stickers, ie. a foil with print that completely covers the background. It would give a very different look ☺


However, my intern is pretty crazy about the solid colored tiles, so of course she should be allowed to keep them. It's about creating your own personal style ...