Tile stickers

Flower tile stickers from Home Junkie

The easiest way to "new" tiles

With tile stickers from Home Junkie you can add a personal touch to your kitchen or bathroom tiles. Wether you want to cover up your original walls or decorate your plain white tiles, Home Junkie tile stickers provides you an easy way to customize your tiles in no time.


✅ Add a pesonal touch to your tiles

✅ Easy to apply - easy to remove - leave no marks

✅ Water resistant

✅ Perfect for decoration in rentet homes



The stickers tolerate water and cleaning, they are easy to remove, and they leave no trace on the surface. Tile stickers are the perfect solution for those who are looking for an easy, quick, and cost effective way to renew their kitchen or bathroom even though they live in a rented house or apartment.

Home Junkie have more than 100 different motifs witch gives you the possibility to choose between small quotes, classic tile patterns, art-prints and many more designs. New collaborations are continuously made with Danish artist. 
The tile stickers are available in both transparent and full covering foil. Transparent foil lets the tile shine through. Full covering foil are also the right choice if you want to cover up small cracks or existing designs on the tiles.

Size: 15x15 cm. Danish design.