Transparent stickers

Stickers from Home Junkie fit an average tile of 15x15 cm.
Our motifes on transparent foil are perfect on white or uni-coloured tiles, and the foil will let the colour behind shine through. This is an easy and fun way to decorate your walls if you live in a rented apartment or just want some renewal in your bathroom or kitchen. The decoration is easy to remove and will not leave any marks on the surface.

With more than 100 unique designs from Home Junkie it should be easy to find a look just for you. Customize your home now and change the design in a year or two, if you fall in love with another quote, pattern og drawing. You have endless possibilities to make your walls look just right.
If you want to cover up some old tiles, you shoul take a look at the full covering foil. This decor will hide away any cracks og old motifs you might have in you kitchen or bathroo.