How to apply your sticker

1. Scissor cut your sticker to fit your tile accordingly.

2. Wipe clean the tile.

3. Loosen the backside of the foil alongside the top edge, so you have a couple of centimeters exposed.

4. Place your sticker and press it firmly alongside the edge. Has it not been placed correctly, carefully loosen the sticker and replace it.

5. Attach your sticker by using a firm press from top to bottom while you slowly loosen the backside. Make moving strokes on top of the sticker, from the middle going out to the sides, to avoid air bobbles.

6. Finish up by pressing the sticker extra hard on the tile, to make sure it holds tight. Should any minor air bobbles have occurred take a small needle and carefully puncture a tiny hole with the needle and then press out the air. The hole will not be visible.

Så let sætter du en sticker på din flise.